The winners of the 2018 Science Communication Competition have been announced. The competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students and is your opportunity to showcase your SciComm talents. 

Entrants in two categories – written and video – submitted their bioscience themed entries, aimed at the general public. Winners were selected from the high-quality pool of entries by a panel of expert judges including Professor Steve Busby, Dr Suze Kundu and Jonathan Sanderson. 

“Being involved in this competition was a real treat! Not only have I learned a lot about how much biochemistry impacts on our day-to-day lives, I have also been inspired by the amazing ways that these competitors have chosen to communicate these ideas. Communicating science should be a fundamental part of the scientific process, and it is great to see that this is definitely in good hands for the future.”

Dr Suze Kundu, Teaching Fellow at the University of Surrey's Chemical and Process Engineering Department, competition judge

Winners of the written competition:

First prize: Victoria Bolton “Toxo and Jerry - About cats, mice and behaviour-changing parasites”
Second prize: Jenna Hebert “A life without microbes: How “germ-free” research is revealing the necessity of bacteria for our brains”
Third prize: Corina Lagewaard “Forensic DNA Phenotyping: The Geneticists Guide to Solving Murder Mysteries”

Winners of the video competition:

First prize: Jirayu Tanprasertsuk – “Eating for your eyes”
Second prize: Ellie Staniforth – “The inheritance of Leigh’s disease”
Third prize: Julia Schulz –“The Blood-Brain Barrier – Protecting the Body’s Control Center”

You can read more about the winners and their entries here.