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Announcement of two new journals: Neuronal Signaling and Emerging Topics in Life Sciences


We are delighted to announce two new journals, Neuronal Signaling and Emerging Topics in Life Sciences, strengthening the Society’s commitment to promoting and sharing knowledge. These will be the first new Biochemical Society-owned titles since the launch of Bioscience Reports in 1981.

Emphasizing our strong commitment to connecting and collaborating for the future of the life sciences, we are particularly glad that one of the new titles, Emerging Topics in Life Sciences is jointly owned with the Royal Society of Biology (RSB). The Biochemical Society is a Member Organization of RSB and one of its key supporters. We are pleased to have this opportunity to further our collaboration, support the research community and highlight exciting life science research.

Professor Richard Reece, Chair of the Portland Press Board and Trustee of the Biochemical Society, said: “Portland Press aims to provide a home for the publication of all quality work within the life sciences. The two new journals we are launching will help us to achieve our objectives of sharing quality life science research and information across the biological community and will help us to build and enhance our current audiences.”

Both titles will be published by Portland Press and will publish their first issues in early 2017.

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Neuronal Signaling

This exciting new journal will focus on all aspects of signaling within and between neurons.

Publishing high-quality molecular and cellular neuroscience research, this fully open access online-only journal, will span a variety of neuroscientific disciplines, from signaling pathways involved in nervous system development, through to neurodegeneration, synaptopathies, psychiatric disorders and other pathologies.

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Emerging Topics in Life Sciences

Highlighting new and growing fields across the life sciences, this new journal is jointly owned by the Biochemical Society and Royal Society of Biology. Featuring reviews written for an interdisciplinary audience ranging from students and early career researchers to established scientists, each issue will focus on a new or growing field of life science research, guest edited by an expert in the field.

Dr Mark Downs CSci FRSB, chief executive of the Royal Society of Biology said: “The topics that are emerging in the life sciences are among the most exciting new areas in science. The interdisciplinary and pan-bioscience nature of this new journal will facilitate understanding, collaboration and insight between different fields and provide a key state of the art resource for students, post-docs and established researchers alike.”

Professor Reece commented: “Emerging Topics in Life Sciences will help the Biochemical Society to foster connections and provide a platform for collaboration through our partnership with the Royal Society of Biology. We are hugely excited by this opportunity and are sure that the community will be too.”

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Benefits of publishing with Portland Press include:

A fast, smooth publishing experience

A simple submission process

Free colour

Rigorous peer-review

Commitment to research integrity and publication ethics

Tracking of funder and ORCID information

Open access options including discounts for owner Society members, plus waivers or discounts for authors from low-income countries