This week sees the first of our teacher placements being supported through the Teacher Industrial Partners Scheme (TIPS) and Teacher Academic Placement Scheme (TAPS). The schemes are being run in partnership with the National STEM Learning Centre and are designed to provide school science teachers with opportunities to go on work placements at local biotechnology employers and university biochemistry departments.



The TIPS scheme already exists in engineering (supported by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers) and the Society’s involvement has allowed this work to be extended into biotechnology. This week’s TIPS placements are being held at Syngenta in Berkshire and the Babraham Institute in Cambridge.



*New for 2016*

The TAPS scheme is completely new and so these are the first teachers to go through this scheme. This week’s TAPS placements are being held at the University of Cambridge, University of Liverpool and University of Birmingham. Other employers and universities already engaged with the scheme include Biocatalysts in Cardiff, Queen Mary University of London, the University of Exeter and University of Chester.

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To find out more about our teacher placement schemes, please contact Hannah Russell, Head of Education & Training