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Biochemical Society


Biochemical Society announces 2019 award recipients
04 April 2018 



Biochemical Society honours outstanding international bioscientists

11 April 2017


Biochemistry MOOC aims to help get young people into molecular bioscience              

16 June 2016

Scientists honoured in Biochemical Society Awards

30 March 2016 


Portland Press


Research sheds light on a novel disease mechanism in chronic smokers
21 May 2018


Research reveals possible new treatment pathway for severe allergic asthma
12 October 2017


Thirdhand Smoke Exposure Effects on Liver and Brain Found to Worsen Over Time - in association with University of California, Riverside
12 September 2017

Male infertility research reveals how a new life begins: discovery could enable earlier sperm diagnosis & treatment for some men

07 March 2017


How to solve a problem like antibiotic resistance?

03 March 2017


Fruit fly model of deadly brain diseases could lead to blood test for vCJD - in association with University of Cambridge

13 October 2016 

Lab method sheds light on how genetic mutations cause inherited Parkinson’s disease
29 July 2016 

Exposure to cigarette smoke and flu virus may prevent lung medications working properly

6 April 2016

Announcement of two new journals - Neuronal Signaling and Emerging Topics in Life Sciences

23 March 2016 

13 October 2016 
13 October 2016 
13 October 2016 
13 October 2016