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Past winners of an Early Career Research Award


2013: Joe Yeeles (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA) - Theme Panel I: Genes

2013: Alison Parkin (University of York, UK) - Theme Panel III: Energy and Metabolism

2013: Kristopher Clark (University of Dundee, UK) - Theme Panel: V Signalling


2012: Tracey Gloster (University of St. Andrews, UK) - Theme Panel II: Molecular Structure and Function 

2012: Sovan Sarkar (Whitehead Institute, MIT, USA) - Theme Panel IV: Cell Biology

2012: Sander van Kasteren (Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands) - Theme Panel VI: Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

2012: Vidya Chandran (Birkbeck College, University of London, UK) - Theme Panel VII: Mechanisms of Development and Disease


2011: Alena Krejci  (University of Cambridge, UK) - Theme Panel I Genes
2011: Taufiq Rahman (University of Cambridge, UK) - Th
eme Panel V Signal Tranduction


2010: M Madan Babu (University of Cambridge, UK) - Theme Panel VI  Biotechnology and bioinformatics
2010 Rene Frank (University of Cambridge, UK) - Theme Panel II Molecular structure and function. 
2010: Jeremy Carlton (King's College London, UK)- Theme Panel IV Cell biology


2009: Araxi Urrutia (University of Bath, UK) - Theme Panel I Genes 

2009: Paul Curnow  (University of Bristol, UK) - Theme Panel III Bioinformatics and Metabolism

2009: David Komander (Institute of Cancer Research, UK) Theme Panel V Signal Transduction