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The Keilin Memorial Lecture

Keilin Memoral Lecture

The Keilin Memorial Lecture was first awarded in 1964 to commemorate the late David Keilin.


The lecturer and subject of the lecture are selected, by the Awards Committee, from a field related to the interests of Keilin in bioenergetics, electron transfer and mitochondrial biology. The lecture is normally delivered every other year at a Society conference but the Society has the power to modify this programme. The venue of the lecture may be outside the UK.


The Keilin Lecturer receives a medal and an honorarium of £2000 and the awardee is invited to submit an article to a Society-owned publication.



Past recipients:


2016: Michael Murphy

2014: Vamsi Mootha

2012: John Walker

2010: Andrew Halestrap

2007: Hartmut Michel

2005: Martin D. Brand

2003: Peter R. Rich

2001: Stuart J. Ferguson  

1999: Shinya Yoshikawa

1997: Martin Wikstrom

1995: P. Leslie Dutton

1993: L. Ernster 

1991: W. Hol

1989: Q.H. Gibson

1987: R. Huber

1985: H. Beinert

1983: M.G. Rossmann

1980: J. Kraut

1976: S.M.E. Magnusson

1974: E.C. Slater

1972: R.J.P. Williams

1970: E. Margoliash

1969: F. Eigen

1966: B. Chance

1964: A. Lwoff