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The Colworth Medal


The Colworth Medal

The Colworth Medal is a prestigious annual award for outstanding research by a biochemist of any nationality who has carried out the majority of their work in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Donated in 1963 by Unilever Research Colworth Laboratory, the award is made to a scientist who is within 10 years of PhD completion, at the time of the awards nomination deadline (31 January).


Those that have completed their PhD more than 10 years ago and who have had a career break e.g. through family commitments, illness or other good reasons, will be considered by the Awards Committee. For full details on this and how to submit an award nomination please click here.


The recipient, who receives £3000 prize money, is given the opportunity to present a lecture at a conference of the Society and at at Unilever Research Laboratories. The awardee is invited to submit an article to a Society-owned publication.


Past recipients:


2019: Melina Schuh

2018: Matthew Johnson

2017: Markus Ralser

2016: David Grainger

2015: Helen Walden (pictured)   

2014: M. Madan Babu

2013: Robin May

2012: Akhilesh Reddy

2011: Sarah Teichmann

2010: Mark Dillingham

2009: Giles Hardingham

2008: John Rouse

2007: Frank Sargent 
2006: Simon Boulton

2005: Ian Collinson

2004: James H. Naismith

2003: David J. Owen

2002: Thomas Owen-Hughes

2001: Andrew D. Sharrocks

2000: Dario R. Alessi 

1999: Nigel S. Scrutton
1998: David Barford 
1997: Stephen P. Jackson 
1996: Sheena Radford

1995: Jonathon Pines

1994: R.L. Stephens 
1993: Nicholas C. Tonks
1992: Angus I. Lamond

1991: Michael A.J. Ferguson

1990: David W. Melton

1988: Hugh R.B. Pelham

1987: C. Peter Downes

1986: Gregory P. Winter 

1985: Alec J. Jeffreys

1984: Miles D. Houslay

1983: E. Oldfield

1982: David M.J. Lilley

1981: T.H. Rabbitts

1980: R.A. Flavell

1979: Ronald A. Laskey

1978: Timothy E. Hardingham

1977: Philip Cohen

1976: G.G. Brownlee

1975: W.J. Brammar

1974: David R. Trentham

1973: J.C. Metcalfe

1972: J.M. Ashworth

1971: A.R. Williamson

1970: D.A. Rees

1969: George K. Radda

1968: P.B. Garland

1967: L.J. Morris

1966: M.H. Richmond

1965: J.B. Chappell

1964: Jamshed R. Tata

1963: Hans L. Kornberg