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The Novartis Medal and Prize

Novartis Medal


The Novartis Medal and Prize is awarded annually in recognition of contributions to the development of any branch of biochemistry. The award is for work carried out in the UK or Republic of Ireland but is open to candidates of any nationality.


The recipient of the Prize receives the Novartis Medal and £3000 prize money.  The award winner is given the opportunity to present a lecture at a Society conference, and the awardee is invited to submit an article to a Society-owned publication.

The award was donated in 1964 by the Ciba Laboratories, Horsham (later Ciba-Geigy).


The 2017 winner Doreen Cantrell (University of Dundee, UK) presented her lecture on 22 November at Charles Darwin House, London, UK. The lecture was live streamed and you can watch the video here


The 2018 winner of the Novartis Medal and Prize is Laurence Pearl (University of Sussex, UK),  details about his award lecture presentation and how to attend will be added in 2018.


Past recipients


2019: Caroline Dean
2018: Laurence Pearl
2017: Doreen Cantrell
2016: David Tollervey
2015: Matthew Freeman (pictured)
2014: Jeff Errington
2013: Tony Kouzarides 
2012: Ron Hay
2011: Angus Lamond
2010: D. Grahame Hardie
2009: Louise Johnson
2008: Stephen West
2007: Adrian Bird
2006: James Barber
2005: Alan Hall
2004: Jean D. Beggs
2003: Ian D. Campbell
2002: Michael S. Neuberger
2001: Stephen Halford
2000: K.E. Nagai
1999: Christopher J. Marshall
1998: Richard N. Perham
1997: Ronald Laskey
1996: John E. Walker
1995: Christopher F. Higgins
1994: J. Subak-Sharpe
1993: T. Rabbitts
1992: Philip Cohen
1991: Paul Nurse
1988: Robert H. Michell
1987: Thomas L. Blundell
1985: E.A. Barnard
1984: Philip J. Randle
1983: George K. Radda
1981: I. Helen Muir
1980: Sydney Brenner
1979: J.B. Gurdon
1978: J.R. Quayle
1977: Cesar Milstein
1976: Samuel V. Perry
1975: E.F. Hartree
1974: E. Kodicek
 1973: Peter D. Mitchell
1972: R.T. Williams
1971: D.H. Northcote
1970: D.C. Phillips
1969: Trevor W. Goodwin
1968: William J. Whelan
1967: D.M. Blow
1966: R.R. Porter
1965: J.W. Cornforth and G.J. Popjak