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The Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Memorial Lecture

The Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Memorial LectureThis award lecture is now presented by the winner of the Centenary Award.


In the past, the award winner was asked to assess the impact of recent advances and developments in biochemistry in their particular field of research.


The chosen lecturer had considerable discretion in the choice of subject and either choose to discuss advances made in other fields of knowledge that had significant implications for their own field of biochemistry or discussed how advances in biochemistry impacted on other disciplines.


The award was made every 2-3 years and the winner was presented with a medal and an honorarium of £2000. The lecture was published in Biochemical Society Transactions.


Past recipients


2008: Karen Vousden 

2006: Kim Nasmyth

2004: Christopher Somerville

2002: Edwin Southern

2000: John Sulston

1998: Darwin J. Prockop

1996: Alec Jeffreys

1994: T. Hunter

1992: Thomas Cech

1990: R.J.P. Williams

1985: Cesar Milstein

1983: Edwin G. Krebs

1981: F. Gibson  

1979: Jerker Porath 
1977: Rodney R. Porter
1975: Efraim Racker 
1973: Max F. Perutz

1971: Frederick Sanger

1969: F.J.W. Roughton

1967:H.A. Barker 
1965: A. Szent-Gyorgi 
1963: L.F. Leloir
1961: Hans Krebs
1960: A. Neuberger

1958: Rudolph Peters