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The Thudichum Medal

Thudichum MedalThudichum Medal Lectures were inaugurated in 1974 to honour eminent scientists who have made outstanding contributions to neurochemistry and related subjects. Professor J.L.W.Thudichum (1829-1901) was a pioneer of brain chemistry over a century ago. For more information, see a history of the Thudichum Medal Lecture.


From 2015, the Thudichum Medal Lectures will honour eminent scientists who have made outstanding contributions to neuroscience and related subjects.


The recipient of the award receives the Thudichum Medal and an honorarium of £2000. The medal lecture is presented at a Society conference and the awardee is invited to submit an article to a Society-owned journal.


The 2013 Thudichum Medal was presented to Dr Michael Ehlers (Pfizer, USA) at the Advances in molecular mechanisms underlying neurological disorders Focused Meeting, 23—26 June 2013, University of Bath, UK


In 2015 the Thudichum Medal will be presented to John Hardy (University College London, UK) at Royal Society of Edinburgh, 9 October 2015

Past recipients:



2013: M. Ehlers

2008: E. Barnard

2000: J. Watkins

1996: P. Greengard

1993: J.P. Changeux

1989: Julius Axelrod

1983: V.P. Whittaker

1980: H. Kosterlitz

1976: M. Vogt

1975: H. McIlwain

1974: H. Blascho