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Biochemical Society Centenary Celebration

15—16 December 2011

Royal Society, London, UK

Poster session

P001 Understanding insect diapause: a metabolomic and lipidomic analysis
Bobbie Johnson, Jonathon J. Byrne, Ulf Sommer, Mark R. Viant, Scott A. Hayward
P002 Ovocalyxin-36 is a chicken pattern recognition protein with LPS and LTA binding activity
Cristianne Martins Monteiro Cordeiro, Megan Rose, Hamed Esmaili, Jennifer A. Kovacs-Nolan, Yoshinori Mine, Denise Young, Maxwell Hincke
P003 Absence of ABCG2-mediated mucosal detoxification in patients with active inflammatory bowel disease is due to impeded protein folding
J.J. Deuring, C. de Haar, C.L. Koelewijn, E.J. Kuipers, M.P. Peppelenbosch and C.J. van der Woude
P004 Myosin VI and its binding partner optineurin are involved in secretory vesicle fusion at the plasma membrane
Lisa M. Bond, Andrew A. Peden, John Kendrick-Jones, James R. Sellers, and Folma Buss
P005 Multiple redox-sensitive protein interactions control FoxO transcription factor activity
Marrit Putker, Harmjan Vos, Joppe Nieuwenhuis, Michiel Vermeulen, Boudewijn Burgering and Tobias Dansen
P006 Stabilising oligomeric assembly of a viral portal protein by fusion with a transcription factor
Weisha Luan, Yuriy Chaban, Callum Smits, Carina Büttner, Maria Chechik, Elena V. Orlova and Alfred A. Antson
P007 Identification of CUX1 as a novel TGFß-activated transcription factor capable of potently silencing type I collagen: implications for tissue scarring
Maria Fragiadaki, Tetsurou Ikeda, Roger M. Mason, David Abraham and George Bou-Gharios
P008 Attempts to improve an Epac2-based sensor for cAMP
Katy L Everett, Sebastian Wachten, Debbie Willoughby and Dermot M.F. Cooper
P009 Reversible trans-differentiation of blood vascular endothelial cells to a lymphatic-like phenotype in vitro
Lin S. Cooley, Madeleine M. Handsley, Marc A. Lalfleur, Zhigang Zhou, Ernst Poschl, Caroline J. Pennington, Erik W Thompson and Dylan R. Edwards
P010 The induction of a nucleoplasmic reticulum by prelamin A accumulation requires CTP: phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase a
Chris N. Goulbourne, Ashraf N. Malhas and David Vaux
P011 A chemical fragment screen for inhibitors of the allosterically regulated Pygo2 PHD finger
om Miller, Trevor Rutherford, Christopher Johnson, Marc Fiedler and Mariann Bienz
P012 Rational design, computational evolution and experimental validation of protein–protein interfaces
James Ross, Bruce Turnbull, Emanuele Paci and Mike Webb
P013 A synthetic system for the on-demand supply of glutamine to mammalian cell cultures
Lisa Goers, David Stuckey, Cleo Kontoravdi, J Krishnan, Paul Freemont and Karen Marie Polizzi
P014 Conformational states of kinesin-1 characterized by its mechanical properties
George Michael Jeppesen, Tim Scholz and J.K. Heinrich Hörber
P015 Model analysis under uncertainty, the case of Trypanosoma brucei energy metabolism
Fiona Achcar, Eduard J. Kerkhoven, Barbara M. Bakker, Michael P. Barrett and Rainer Breitling
P016 Single cell analysis of Keap1-Nrf2 dynamics
Liam Baird, David Lleres, Samuel Swift, Albena Dinkova-Kostova
P017 The mitochondrial Translocator Protein (mTSPO) restricts mitophagy by impinging on core mitochondrial function
Jemma L Gatliff, Michelangelo Campanella