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The Biochemical Society aims to inspire and engage young people in the molecular biosciences, increase the public understanding of the discipline, encourage the uptake of biochemistry by post-16 students, support members with their careers and research, and influence regulatory and awarding bodies towards a challenging, exciting and relevant biology curriculum in schools.


We deliver the above through a diverse programme of events and activities: from school science websites, outreach events, studentship grants, conferences for teachers at higher education institutions, dissemination of careers information, to scientific training for PhD students and early career researchers.

Careers resource for graduates
"Next steps" a careers resource for graduates


Confused about what to do after your bioscience degree? Read our careers booklet "Next steps: options after a bioscience degree"with information on job seeking strategies, making the most of your skills, study options, and a CV guide.

Living in a post-antibiotic era: the challenge of disease resistance
Epigenetics - Why You Don’t Have Teeth In Your Eyeballs


Attend our free public lecture about epigenetics on 8 September 2014 in Birmingham. Find out why you can tell identical twins apart and why a caterpillar doesn't look like a butterfly.

Sciberbrain website

Sciberbrain website


Visit our free website with resources to support the teaching of "biology in the real world" topics such as vaccinations, stem cell research and more. The website now covers resources for teaching 14 to 18 year olds.



Free resource for 5-16 year olds

Our scibermonkey website is a portal to "the best of the web", with tried and tested resources for biology, chemistry, and physics for 5-16 year old students, including a teachers area. 


We are pleased to announce we are sponsoring in2science for another year. This non-profit organisation provides lab placements for gifted A-level students from low income backgrounds.