A qualification in biochemistry or molecular biology can lead to a multitude of careers in different fields. There are many options to choose from: you could work at a university, in industry, become a science teacher or even a patent law attorney, just to name a few. You can use the resources on this page to find out what you’re interested in and how to get your dream job.


Choosing a career

Looking for your first job can be daunting. Find out where to start and how to start narrowing down your options and find the right career path for you, including helpful tips in our job seekers guide.

Biochemistry: the career guide

Read our careers guide aimed at those considering studying Biochemistry at university. The guide has information on the types of course available, what you'll study whilst at university, and the kind of career options the course will lead to, including some profiles of biochemists.  DOWNLOAD NOW.

Next steps; options after a bioscience degree


This careers booklet for bioscience graduates includes information on job seeking strategies, how to make the most of your skills, study options, and a CV guide.



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Biochemists in Industry - How a biochemistry degree can lead to an exciting career in industry

'Biochemists in Industry' is a free guide outlining career prospects in industry for molecular bioscientists. The guide includes profiles of biochemists and molecular biologists working in different areas of industry, showcasing their career paths.

Your career in cancer research – working together to defeat cancer


This free booklet illustrates how researchers, from biochemists to mathematicians, work together in interdisciplinary teams to defeat cancer. The guide has been developed by the Institute of Cancer Research and supported by the Biochemical Society. 

Career profiles


Read our collection of career profiles of people who have studied biochemistry and are now applying their skills and knowledge to a variety of jobs. Find out what their jobs involve, the skills they use, and their career paths to date.

Work experience and internships


Work experience and internships are a great way to explore your career options and gain an insight into working in a particular role or company.

CV & Personal Statement Tips


Read our tips about how to apply for a job.

Big Picture - Careers from Biology

A selection of careers information and resources from the Wellcome Trust.