Read our tips about how to apply for a job.


Transferable skills


Transferable skills can be used in more than one job role and settings. These skills are often listed in job descriptions, thus it is important to understand what the skills mean and to show an employer that you have them. 

Writing your CV


Sometimes referred to as a résumé, a CV is a summary of your education, skills, work and voluntary experience and is often the first stage in getting yourself noticed by employers.

Example CVs


There are several different types of CV and you should choose the most appropriate format depending on the job you’re applying to.  

Covering letters


A covering letter should always accompany your CV and allows you to personalise a job application, highlighting your strengths and relevant experiences.

Interview techniques and example interview questions


It is essential to prepare for your interview in order to be successful and make a good first impression. 

Personal Statement

Part of the process of applying to study biochemistry at university is writing a personal statement. Find out more about what it is, what you should include and the common mistakes to avoid.