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Education and public engagement events


The Education team attend various education and public engagement events throughout the year, as well as hosting our own. If you are interested in volunteering for a public engagement event, please check out our volunteers page or email


We also run training courses and workshops for PhD students, early career researchers and established scientists from academia and industry. For more details, visit our events page.


British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy Public Engagement Day

When - 17 March, 09:30-15:30 for the day event, followed by an evening event for 18+

Where - University Museum of Natural History, Oxford

This free, one-day interactive event provides an opportunity to discuss and debate cutting edge research with scientists, patients, research students and clinicians/nurses, and to think about the impact that this research has on society and on you. Find out more here.

Public Engagement Training Day

Public Engagement Training Days


The Biochemical Society and the Royal Society of Biology are delighted to announce this one-day training event for our student and early-career members to help you deliver biology-related hands-on activities at public events in your area.

Delivered by public engagement experts Science Made Simple, attendees will be coached on general public engagement before being given practical advice on public engagement around specific activities developed by the Royal Society of Biology and some of its Member Organisations.



Event date

Apply here


27 March

Applications closed


30 March

Applications closed

 Liverpool 3 April Applications closed




To be eligible for a free space you must be a current member of the Royal Society of Biology and/or the Biochemical Society.

You must also be studying an undergraduate bioscience course or in the first five years of a research career (either a PhD student or working in your first postdoctoral position).

Preference will be given to those who demonstrate a clear interest in developing public engagement skills and taking part in public engagement opportunities in their application statement. There may be opportunities for those who do not meet these criteria to pay to attend if not all free spaces are filled.


Previous events

Here you will find a collection of blog posts and YouTube videos about some of our public engagement activities.



Can we predict people's chance of getting cancer? Should we? - a public debate in collaboration with the Royal Society of Biology and Cancer Research UK at the Royal Institution as part of Biology week. Read a blog post about the event and hear a full audio recording of the debate.

Cancer: is treatment always the answer? - a public debate in collaboration with Cancer Research UK Cardiff held at Cardiff City Hall

When a scratch can kill - our event at New Scientist Live in collaboration with the Microbiology Society. Hear a full audio recording of the debate.

The Hungry Games on Tour - our visit to Imperial College Festival Fringe and Northern Ireland Science Festival



Synthetic Life: How far could it go? How far should it go? - YouTube video of our public debate about synthetic biology, organised with the Royal Society of Biology

Synthetic biology: defying definition - blog post about our synthetic biology public debate, organised with the Royal Society of Biology

The Hungry Games at Big Biology Day - the trial of our hands-on activity The Hungry Games, with the Royal Society of Biology and Nutrition Society

Living in a world without antibiotics - organised by the Biochemical Society and Microbiology Society at the British Science Festival




Making medicines at Big Biology Day - the trial of our hands-on activity Medicine Makers, with the British Pharmacological Society

Epigenetics: why you don't have teeth in your eyeballs - organised by the Biochemical Society at the British Science Festival