Key words – DNA synthesis, repair, recombination and replication; RNA transcription, processing, translation, localisation and stability; genomics; chromosomes structure and dynamics; non-coding RNA; nucleic acid binding proteins; mutation; gene expression; epigenetics


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University of Surrey, UK
Keywords: Buruli ulcer, mycolactone, pathogenesis, protein translocation, endoplasmic reticulum, stress responses Website


Mark Coldwell (Vice-Chair)
University of Southampton, UK
Keywords: gene expression, mRNA translation, initiation codon selection, eukaryotic translation initiation factors Website

Cameron Osborne
King's College London, UK 
Keywords: genome organisation, transcription, nuclear architecture, gene regulation, chromatin Website

University of Kent, UK 

Keywords: translation, elongation, mRNA, gene expression, biotechnology, recombinant protein production

University of Oxford, UK

Keywords: Structural biology, biophysics, epigenetics, transcription, signaling, small molecule inhibition Website

University of Bristol, UK

Keywords: chromatin organisation, genome stability, nuclear architecture, nuclear mechanobiology, cell imaging, ageing, cancer. Website  

AstraZeneca, UK

Keywords: Oncology, DNA replication, DNA repair, DNA damage response, cell cycle

University of Birmingham, UK

Keywords: Bacterial molecular genetics


Newcastle University

Keywords: Developmental biology, cell polarity, asymmetric cell division, cytoskeletal organisation, protein targeting


University of Nottingham, UK

Keywords: RNA, microRNA, hepatitis C virus, translation, long noncoding RNA