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Past Events > Translation UK 2016

Translation UK 2016

5—6 July 2016

University of Surrey, UK

A Biochemical Society Focused Meeting


Translation is a key point of control in gene expression across all three domains of life with profound importance in stress and immune responses, development and neuronal function. Research on translation is therefore critical in understanding biological processes and mechanisms at a fundamental level, contributing to basic science, as well as identifying how this control can positively or negatively influence health outcomes, of significant pharmaceutical interest. 

Translation UK is a well-established meeting that has, for more than 20 years, served as a focal point for a significant sc​ientific research community, attracting world-leading researchers and providing highly relevant networking opportunities and dissemination of current research to a wide audience in both formal and informal settings. 

Meetings traditionally cover all areas of research into mRNA translation, including ribosome structure and function, translation initiation, elongation and termination, and control of gene expression acting at the level of translation. 

This last area encompasses regulation by microRNAs and other non-coding RNAs, and proteins interacting with mRNAs and/or the translation machinery. With recent technological advances allowing for a system-wide ‘views’ Translation UK covers both global approaches as well as more specific biochemical/ cell-biological approaches to study translation.


Keynote speakers:

Maria Barna (Stanford University School of Medicine, USA)
Stefano Biffo (University of Milan, Italy)
Nikolaus Rajewsky (Max-Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany)


Abstract submission for this meeting has now closed.


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