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Past Events > Bioinformatics Tools for Functional Annotation and Variance Modelling

Bioinformatics Tools for Functional Annotation and Variance Modelling

27 April 2016

Charles Darwin House, London, UK

Biochemical Society Training Event followed by the Drug Discovery Lecture and Networking Reception.

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Only 30 spaces available!

The recent technological revolutions in molecular biology, especially in genomics, have led to a flood of new sequence data. Due to this overwhelming deluge it is not feasible to experimentally characterize every protein encoded in these sequencing efforts. 

To address this issue a range of bioinformatics tools and methods are now available: providing predictions of functional annotations using experimentally characterized sequences and structures. In addition, Next Generation Sequencing is allowing us to study the individual variance between genomes within a population.

This training event aims to provide an introduction to a range of computational tools that can be used to functionally annotate protein sequences and structures. It will also introduce some of the latest molecular modelling software for analyzing single nucleotide polymorphisms. 

Participants will be able to gain hands-on experience of these tools and are strongly encouraged to bring their own data.

Many of the proteins singled out for study using these tools are often associated with disease. The workshop will explore how these tools can be used in a pre-competitive drug discovery setting. The event will be of interest to any researchers, both in academia or industry, who are requiring functional insights into a range of proteins.

By the end of the event participants should:


  • Use protein sequence and structural data in enzyme function analysis
  • Understand how enzyme functional annotations are made
  • Be able to model the effects of SNPs on protein structures and interpret the results
  • Appreciate how the tools and methods can be applied for drug discovery

Registration fees:

Associate/Early Career/Full Member: £100

Emeritus/Student Member: £75

Non-Member: £160

Student Bursaries are available for this meeting.

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Drug Discovery Lecture and Networking Evening

Attending this training event will also entitle you to a place at our Drug Discovery lecture and networking reception being held straight after the workshop (17:30 - 19:30). 

The reception, being hosted in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Society of Biology and British Pharmacological Society, will provide a valuable opportunity to network with early career researchers and established scientists from academia and industry. 

The lecture will be given by John Overington, Director of Bioinformatics at Stratified Medical, who will talk about the latest scientific trends and personal reflections on pre-competitive collaboration, open data and the increasing need to reskill and adapt in the changing world of drug discovery research.