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Past Events > The Pleiotropic Nuclear Envelope

The Pleiotropic Nuclear Envelope

22—25 August 2017

John McIntyre Conference Centre, University of Edinburgh, UK

A Biochemical Society Focused Meeting


Abstract submission has now closed. 

Earlybird registration deadline: Extended to Tuesday 20 June 2017



In the past two decades, our understanding of the nuclear envelope (NE) has been radically transformed. From being viewed as a simple membrane barrier with a lamin intermediate filament lining, the NE is now known to incorporate a signaling and regulatory interface as complex and dynamic as that of the plasma membrane. On the outer face of the NE, connections to cytoskeletal filaments direct cell and nuclear migration and mechanosignal transduction, whilst connections to chromatin on its inner face direct genome regulation and stability. The importance of these various roles is highlighted by the association of NE protein mutations with human diseases ranging from muscular dystrophies to neuropathies, lipodystrophies and premature ageing syndromes. 
Additionally, emerging technologies are finally enabling the tackling of longstanding questions such as the higher-order structure of the lamin polymer, nuclear membrane synthesis and dynamics, and membrane protein complexes. Many ER proteins are also now being found to contribute to NE dynamics and investigations of pathogen interactions with the NE are yielding yet further insights into this complex structure. This incredible diversity of functions and structure-function relationships underscores the pleiotropy of NE-linked diseases and in this programme we draw upon experts in biophysics, biochemistry, cell biology, microscopy, and virology to highlight the wide breadth of NE functions. By bringing together diverse groups covering a wide range of expertise, from fluorescence fluxuation microscopy to crosslinking mass spectrometry to human genetics, we expect to promote a dialogue that may better elucidate NE disease mechanisms.

Topics include:
▪ New directions in nuclear envelopathies
▪ Dynamic nucleo-cytoskeletal interactions and mechanotranduction
▪ Genome regulation from the nuclear envelope
▪ New nuclear envelope signaling pathways and mechanisms
▪ Detailed structure of the lamina and membrane complexes
▪ Nuclear membrane biosynthesis and dynamics
▪ Pathogen interactions with the nuclear membrane




Oral communication slots are available at this meeting. 

All attendees, particularly researchers in the early stages of their career, are invited to submit a poster abstract for consideration as an oral communication.


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