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Future Events > Unconventional Protein and Membrane Trafficking

Unconventional Protein and Membrane Trafficking

4—7 October 2016

Lecce, Italy

A Biochemical Society Independent Meeting


The focus of this meeting is on heterogeneous mechanisms, collectively named "unconventional protein secretion". These processes cover major biological problems, such as cell-to-cell communication, tumorigenesis, tissue remodelling, inflammation, host–pathogen interactions, lipid metabolism. The underlying mechanisms are still subject to intense investigations and the UPMT meeting will provide a dynamic forum for discussion of these topics.


For more information and to register, please go to the meeting website.


Registration deadline: 30 June 2016


Organizers: Bellucci Michele (IT); Blatt Mike (UK); Brough David (UK); Bucci Cecilia (IT); Chanda Anindya (USA); De Marchis Francesca (IT); Di Sansebastiano Gian Pietro (IT); Eissa Tony (USA); Gaballo Antonio (IT); Goring Daphne R. (CA); Ferramosca Alessandra (IT); Hicks Glenn (USA); Jiang Liwen (HK); Jones Alex (UK); Malhotra Vivek (ES); Mouille Gregory (FR); Nickel Walter (DE); Pompa Andrea (IT); Schipper Kerstin (DE); Verderio Claudia (IT); Zarsky Viktor (CZ); Pallotta Maria Teresa (IT).

Related subjects: Membrane traffic; host-pathogen interactions; exosomes; autophagocytosis.


Student Bursaries are available for this meeting.


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