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Future Events > Structural Aspects of Infectious Disease

Structural Aspects of Infectious Disease

8—10 August 2016

Robinson College, Cambridge, UK

A Biochemical Society Focused Meeting

Abstract Deadline Extended: 6 July 2016

Earlybird registration deadline: 6 July 2016


Describing molecular mechanisms of infection and immunity in atomic detail has not only revealed new insights to infection and immunity, but has unlocked therapeutic avenues that have led to new treatments for many infectious diseases. 

Despite this, our battle with microbial pathogens continues and, with the rise of antibiotic resistant “superbugs” and new highly virulent virus strains, our need for new therapies grows increasingly critical. 

Structural biologists will continue to lead our understanding of infection and immunity, paving the way for novel compounds for infection control and treatment. 

Structural Aspects of Infectious Disease (SAID) will focus on recent novel research defining the structural bases of microbial infection and host immune mechanisms.

Scientific sessions will include those on:


  • Infection, including bacterial and viral pathogenesis
  • Immunity, including adaptive and innate immune responses;
  • The ongoing host-pathogen battle, including bacterial and viral immune evasion mechanisms and immunotherapies. 

Together, these focused sessions will cover the major steps in infectious diseases including: 

  • How the predominant infectious agents cause disease;
  • How the host immune system responds to these pathogens using both adaptive and innate arms of the immune system;
  • How microbes attempt to circumvent these immune clearance strategies implemented by the host;
  • How we can manipulate the immune system for therapeutic purposes. 

Structural biologists have contributed substantially to elucidating the molecular mechanisms of each of these steps in the host-pathogen battle.


Topics covered include:

• Bacterial pathogenesis
• Structural virology
• Adaptive immunity
• Innate immunity
• Immune evasion
• Immunotherapies


Topics covered in this meeting will be published in Biochemical Society Transactions

Oral communication slots are available at this meeting. All attendees, particularly researchers in the early stages of their career, are invited to submit a poster abstract for consideration as an oral communication.


Student Bursaries and Full and Early Career Bursaries are available for this meeting.


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