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Regulation of Fertilization and Early Seed Development

11—13 September 2013

University of Bath, UK

Poster Abstracts


P001 Auxin and cell wall invertase related signalling during rice grain development
Heather M Nonhebel and Sarah Russell French
P002 Analysis of targeted CYCD7;1 expression in seed development
Emily Sornay, Walter Dewitte, James A Murray
P003 A novel pair of proteins controlled by a bidirectional promoter are essential for seed development in Arabidopsis
Sofia Kourmpetli, Kate Lee, Rachel Hemsley, Pascale Rossignol, Thaleia Papageorgiou, Sinéad Drea
P004 The role of diSUMO-like DSUL and targets for early embryogenesis in maize
Junyi Chen, Kanok-orn Srilunchang, Thomas Dresselhaus
P005 Cell surface proteins mediating gamete interaction in Arabidopsis
Thomas Hackenberg, Christine Glaesser, Lucija Soljic, Klaus F Mayer, Stefanie Sprunck
P006 Secreted polypetides potentially critical for male-female cross-talk elicited following pollen tube growth through stigma and style
Said Hafidh, David Potešil, Jan Fíla, Jana Feciková, Vera Capková, Zbynek Zdráhal, David Honys
P007 Signalling mechanisms between endosperm and seed coat in Arabidopsis thaliana
Duarte D Figueiredo, Pawel Roszak, Rita Batista, Claudia Köhler
P008 EA1-like peptides, grass-specific extracellular hydrophobic signalling ligands
Susanne Uebler, Thomas Dresselhaus, Mihaela L Márton
P009 Analysis whether the Papaver rhoeas (poppy) S-determinants are functional in Hordeum vulgare (barley) to make it self-incompatible
Carlos Flores-Ortiz, Wendy Harwood, Mark Smedley, Noni Frankin-Tong
P010 Global scale transcriptomic profiling of Arabidopsis embryogenesis in vitro
Anushka M Wickramasuriya, Jim Dunwell
P011 Post-transcriptional regulation of the paternal patterning cue SHORT SUSPENSOR
Thomas Musielak, Yashodar Babu, Agnes Henschen, Martin Bayer
P012 Role of Arabidopsis pollen coat CRPs in reproductive signalling
Ludi Wang, James Doughty
P013 Insights in the sexual reproduction of midday flowers (Aizoaceae)
Philipp Braun, Traud Winkelmann
P014 Role of long-term stored transcripts during embryogenesis
Katarina Breznenova, Said Hafidh, David Honys
P015 Searching for phosphoproteins that are crucial for tobacco pollen activation in vitro
Jan Fíla, Andrea Matros, Sonja Radau, René P Zahedi, Vera Capková, Hans-Peter Mock, David Honys
P016 Characterization of p26 sPPases activity in the presence of different pH and divalent cations
Tamanna Haque, Deborah J Eaves, Noni Franklin-Tong
P017 Towards the identification of mitochondria-dependent longevity cues
Juliane Heydlauff, Christina Kägi, Rita Gross-Hardt
P018 Functional analysis of Papaver rhoeas Stigma S-determinant, PrsS, in self-compatible A. thaliana
Zongcheng Lin, F.Christopher H Franklin, Noni Franklin-Tong
P019 Role of the defensin-like protein gene family in plant reproductive isolation and disease resistance in the genus Arabidopsis
Ajay S John Arputharaj, Thomas Dresselhaus, Mariana Mondragon
P020 mRNA storage and translation in male gametophyte – the transcriptomic view
David Honys, Katarina Breznenova, Pavel Bokvaj, Said Hafidh
P021 Identification and characterisation of beta-1,3- and beta-1,4-glucanases essential for Arabidopsis pollen development
Julia Tratt, Susan Crennell, James Doughty, Rod J Scott
P022 Comparative grain development
BASMA ALJABARTI, Phil Hands, Sofia Kourmpetli, Donna Sharbles, Robert Harris, Sinéad Drea
P023 "Flavonoids - Critical regulators of seed development? "
Maha Aljabri, James Doughty, Rod J Scott
P024 Ethylene regulates seed composition and development
Ronny Völz, Juliane Heydlauff, Thomas Nakel, Rita Gross-Hardt
P025 Three MYB transcription factors control interactions with synergid cells required for reception and sperm release in Arabidopsis
Alexander R Leydon, Jennifer Forcina, Kristin M Beale, Karolina Woroniecka, Elizabeth Castner, Jefferson Chen, Casie Horgan, Ravishankar Palanivelu
P026 Calcium dialog during gametophytic interactions of Arabidopsis pollen tube reception
Quy A Ngo, Dmytro Lituiev, Hannes Vogler, Anna Nestorova, Ueli Grossniklaus
P027 Posttranslational regulation of sperm-activating EC1 proteins
Svenja Rademacher, Frank Vogler, Maria Englhart, Stefanie Sprunck
P028 Unravelling the role of PLT transcription factors during early embryogenesis
Ming Luan, Hugo Hofhuis, Carla Galinha, Ben Scheres, Viola Willemsen
P029 CYCD mediated cell proliferation is required for the correct patterning of the Arabidopsis embryo
Celine Forzani, Emily Sornay, Jenny Engelmann, Simon Scofield, Walter Dewitte, James A Murray
P030 Conserved genetic modules in male gametes
Patrícia A Pereira, Paulo Navarro-Costa, Filipe Borges, Marcela Coronado, Mingyi Wang, Ji He, José Feijó, Rui Martinho, Jörg Becker
P031 Sporophytic Self-Incompatibility in passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims (Passifloraceae)
Hérika C Madureira Jr., Telma Pereira Sr., Maura da Cunha Sr., Simon Hiscock Sr.
P032 Metabolic control of early embryo development in Arabidopsis.
Vasilios Andriotis, Alison Smith
P033 New frontiers in plant female reproductive biology
Marc C Albertsen, Shai J Lawit, Tim W Fox, Mark A Chamberlin
P034 A novel method for efficient, reproducible germination and tube growth of Arabidopsis thaliana pollen in vitro
Josefina Rodriguez-Enriquez, Saher Mehdi, Hugh Dickinson, Robert Grant-Downton