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The Biochemical Society provides an extensive range of events, including scientific conferences, training events, outreach activities, medal lectures, and policy and education events.  This programme provides an excellent opportunity to magnify your research by submitting an abstract for an oral communication or poster presentation, and sharing your work with the wider molecular biosciences community.


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Science Programme
General Information

Sponsored by:

5th Conference on Advances in molecular mechanisms underlying neurological disorders

23—26 June 2013

University of Bath, UK

Plenary and Medal Lectures


David Attwell (University College London, UK)
Neurotransmitter actions on oligodendrocyte lineage cells in health and disease

Daniel Geschwind (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
Gene expression Networks

Michael Ehlers (Pfizer, USA)
The Thudichum Medal Lecture

Britta Engelhardt (University of Bern, Switzerland)
Immune-blood brain barrier interactions

Symposium 1: Protein degradation pathways and neurodegeneration
Chaired by David Rubinstzein (University of Cambridge, UK)

Ana Maria Cuervo (Yeshiva University, USA)
Chaperone mediated autophagy and neurodegeneration

Daniel Finley (Harvard University, USA)
Proteasome activation and therapeutic strategies

David Rubinsztein (University of Cambridge, UK)
Macroautophagy and neurodegeneration


Ralph Nixon (New York University, USA)

Autophagy and Alzheimer’s Disease

Symposium 2: RNA processing in neurodegenerative disease
Chaired by Jackie de Belleroche (Imperial College London, UK)

Jernej Ule (University of Cambridge, UK)
How can aberrant protein-RNA interactions lead to neurologic diseases?

Christian Haass (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany)
Zebrafish models for uncovering function of mutant TDP43/fus

David Mann (University of Manchester, UK)
TDP43 and fus in human neuropathologies

Francisco Baralle (International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Italy)
The role of the hnRNP TDP 43 in the pathogenesis of ALS and FTLD

Mini-symposium/Symposium: Neuronal protein traffic in health and disease
Chaired by Jeremy Henley (University of Bristol, UK)

Casper Hoogenraad (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Mechanisms of polarised trafficking

Jose Esteban (University of Madrid, Spain)
AMPAR trafficking in spines

Daniel Choquet (University of Bordeaux, France)
Bridging glutamate receptor nanoscale organization and function

Antoine Triller (Inserm, France)
Title TBA  


In addition to the above speaker list, the programme will also include slots for poster blitz presentations and selected oral communications, evening poster and networking sessions and mini-symposia/workshops suggested by conference participants.




The scientific community is invited to propose a mini-symposium or workshop to take place at this meeting.


Online proposal form.


Deadline for proposals: 21 May 2012.


International programme committee:

Marcus Rattray (chair, Reading)

Juan Bolanos (Salamanca)

Monica Carson (Riverside)

Jackie de Belleroche (London)

Ralf Dringen (Bremen)

Christian Giaume (Paris)

Katarzyna Nalęcz (Warsaw)

Agneta Nordberg (Stockholm)

Alessandro Prinetti (Milan)

Jörg Schulz (Aachen)

Robert Williams (Bath)
Local organizing committee:

Robert Williams (chair, Bath)

David Brown (Bath)

Giles Hardingham (Edinburgh)

Jackie de Belleroche (London)

John Hardy (London)

Jeremy Henley (Bristol)

Roland Jones (Bath)

Emma Lane (Cardiff)

Seth Love (Bristol)

Marcus Rattray (Reading)

David Rubinsztein (Cambridge)

Anne Stephenson (London)

Richard Wade-Martins (Oxford)

Susan Wonnacott (Bath)



Monday 24 June 2013
17:00 - 18:00
The Thudichum Medal Lecture
Michael Ehlers (Pfizer, United Kingdom)