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Future Events > The Ageing Cell Conference 2017

The Ageing Cell Conference 2017

27—28 March 2017

The Babraham Institute, Cambridge UK

A Biochemical Society Independent Meeting


The Babraham Institute’s ‘Ageing Cell’ conference was supported by the Biochemical Society among others. The event, which showcased the very latest research Ageing at a cellular level, brought together over 200 delegates to its campus and new conferencing facilities.  In a programme designed to explore the intersections of research disciplines, the event did not disappoint.


Four major themes were highlighted through expertly chaired sessions during the two-day event. Day 1 focused on the Ageing Stem Cell and also explored the effects of Ageing on Immune System.   Of particular note was Dr Mark Lucanic’s talk on “Robust and reproducible chemical interventions in ageing” sponsored by the Biochemical Society, which highlighted a fascinating collaboration between the Buck Institute, University of Oregon, Rutgers University and the National Institutes on Aging. His talk described how the Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program works to identify robust chemical treatments that can delay ageing across diverse genetic backgrounds with highly reproducible results.


Day 2 themes of Signalling and Epigenetics of the Ageing Cell revealed pioneering research on topics including the epigenetic clock and senescence.  These themed sessions, focused Q&A and networking all encouraged significant knowledge exchange and new collaborations have already been cited. The Babraham Institute and ‘the Ageing Cell’ has put Cambridge firmly on the map with this International conference.  Calls for a repeat event are now being considered.


Linden Fradet on behalf of the Organising committee

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