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Dr Kat Arney is a science communicator and award-winning blogger for Cancer Research UK, as well as a freelance science writer and broadcaster whose work has featured on BBC Radio 4, the Naked Scientists and more. She has published her first book, Herding Hemingway's Cats, about how our genes work. 

Twitter: @harpistkat

Dr Steve Cross is a freelance science communication consultant and trainer as well as a stand-up comedian. He's the founder of Science Showoff and Bright Club, and a current Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow. In past lives he's been a human genetics researcher, a curator for Wellcome Collection, and Head of Public Engagement at UCL.

Twitter: @steve_x
Dr Barry Gibb (the Wellcome Trust) trained as a molecular biologist and neuroscientist before swapping the microscope for a camera to pursue filmmaking and writing. He wrote The Rough Guide to the Brain and has currently made over 100 science documentaries, where he focuses on bringing warmth and humanity to science. His web series about mental health, Last Chance Saloon, won the Outstanding Achievement Award (Toronto Webfest, 2014) and his film about ageing, Until, won the Nature People's Choice award (Imagine Science Film Festival, 2011). 

Twitter: @barryjamesgibb

Professor Steve Busby is Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham and is currently Head of the university's School of Biosciences. His research concerns bacteria and how they orchestrate the expression of their genes in order to exploit their environment.


He has made big contributions to our understanding of the process of gene transcription in bacteria and how it is regulated. In particular, his recent work has focused on pathogenic bacteria and the genes they possess that are responsible for infection. 

  Jo Brodie, Queen Mary University London is the Public Engagement Co-Ordinator for the CHI+MED Project. She also works on the Teaching London Computing project, providing continuing professional development courses for London-based Computing teachers who'll be teaching the new Computing Curriculum from Autum 2014.

Twitter: @JoBrodie

Jonathan Sanderson 
is a science film-maker, writer, director, consultant and senior lecturer at Northumbria University. 

Following a Physics degree, Jonathan entered television, making props and writing scripts for documentary and engineering challenge shows. He held Producer and Series Producer roles for all the main UK broadcasters and several internationals.

Recently, he’s worked as a video and science communication trainer and consultant, managing education media projects. He is currently in charge of digital engagement for Think Physics, an outreach and engagement project based in Newcastle. 

Twitter: @jjsanderson