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General Travel Grant


How much is available?

Most awards are between £200 and £500. However, up to a maximum of £750 may be available for exceptionally well-argued and well-supported cases describing high-quality research from outstanding scientists or those with recognized potential on the threshold of their careers.

Closing Dates


1st January
for meetings anytime after
1st February
1st March
for meetings anytime after
1st April
1st May
for meetings anytime after
1st June
1st June
for meetings anytime after
1st July
1st July
for meetings anytime after
1st August
1st September
for meetings anytime after
1st October
1st November
for meetings anytime after
1st December


Note: It is advisable to submit your application as early as possible. For example you could apply for an April meeting using the January Deadline.



  • You must have been a member of the Biochemical Society for at least 12 months leading up to your application. 
  • You will not be eligible if you have been awarded a Travel Grant from the Society during the last 2 years.
  • All postgraduate students  may apply, regardless of their year.
  • The meeting must have a substantial biochemical content and evidence of active participation in the meeting must be provided through an abstract.

Test your eligibility


Undergraduate or Postgraduate members wishing to attend a meetings organised by the Biochemical Society are encouraged to apply for a Student Bursary    




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