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Criteria and guidelines


The Biochemical Society provides as much funding as possible for its General Travel Grants. These grants can be used help support attendance at a conference, training course or lab visit to learn new techniques.


The highest available award is £750, however, applicants should note that most awards are between £300 and £500. The committee will look favourably on applications where other funding has been sort to fill any gap between the amount that is being requested and the funds required for the conference travel and attendance.


Applicants must have been a member of the Biochemical Society for over 12 months on the closing date of the round that they apply to. Applicants that do not fulfill this criteria will be ineligible and their applications will not be reviewed by the committee.


Due to the high number of applications received for each reviewing round, it should be noted that the conference that the applicant wishes to attend must be more than 1 month after the closing date of the round applied to. If the conference takes place less than 1 month after the closing date then the application will be ineligible and will not be reviewed by the committee.


Applications will be assessed according to three main criteria:


1. Benefit to career gained from attendance


This refers to how attendance at the conference/ training day/ lab visit will benefit the applicant in the progression of their career. Key points to note or incorporate into the application include:


  • How the applicant will be participating in the conference, whether presenting a poster or giving a talk. NB. It is a requirement of the grant that at least an abstract will be presented at the conference. During the application process the applicant will be required to submit this abstract for part of the reviewing process. In the case of training courses and lab visits where abstracts are not required, the applicant should outline how they will participate and give a brief outline of current research. Applicants should include any pertinent information about sessions that will be particularly useful and any speakers that the applicants intends to network with at the event.
  • How the applicant hopes attendance will further their career. Give details of whether the aim is to form collaborations or further knowledge in an area of research that is not currently being pursued. Applicants should indicate what it is about this particular event that is important for their career.
  • If the applicant is a Postgraduate or Early Career Member, the supporting statement from the supervisor should give some indication of how they envisage attendance will benefit the applicant.


2. Financial need for support


This refers to the applicants current funding available for travel. Key points that should be incorporated in the application include:

  • Details of the applicants provision for travel in their research grant or PhD programme.

  • Why funds are being sort from the Society and why the level of support is being requested.

  • The applicant is encouraged to apply for other funding to help attend the conference and give details of this so that the committee may see that the applicant will be able to attend if only partial support is provided by the General Travel Grant fund.


3. Record of the applicant


This refers to the research record of the applicant. Key points to note or incorporate into the application include:

  • During the application process the applicant will be asked for three recent publications. Please note that the committee is aware that Members may not have publications to include and therefore applications will not be penalised for this.

  • If possible recent publications should be related to the conference topic, although if the applicant is intending to branch out into a new area this will be noted by the committee and the application will not be penalised.


Guidance for Letter of Support from Supervisor or Head of Department (required for Postgraduate and Early Career applicants)

A strong letter of support will demonstrate the following:


  • Case for financial need and the justification for the amount requested.
  • Promise of the applicants career
  • What the benefit of attending that paticular conference would be to the applicants career.


Please note: There will be no discrimination regarding overseas applications.