International Sponsored Places 


The Biochemical Society has occasional funding opportunities to help our members attend conferences with our international partner Societies. Please see our current opportunities: 


Young Scientist Forum and 41st FEBS Congress in Ephesus/Kuşadası, Turkey

The Biochemical Society is fully sponsoring two of our own outstanding postgraduate members to attend both the Young Scientist Forum and the 41st FEBS Congress in Ephesus/Kuşadası  from 31 August - 8 September 2016.


The grant will provide two entrants with:


  • Single accommodation from 31 August 2016 - 7 September 2016
  • Registration for both the 41st FEBS Congress and the Young Scientist Forum
  • Up to £350 for travel costs


The cover theme for the Congress this year is 'MOLECULAR AND SYSTEMS BIOLOGY FOR A BETTER LIFE', featuring the following topics:

  • Gene Expression and Regulation; 
  • Cell Functions at the Molecular Level; 
  • From Systems Biology to Single Molecules; 
  • Biochemical Aspects of the Immune Response; 
  • Novel Advances in Cancer Research; 
  • Molecular Basis of Cardiac Function and Regeneration; 
  • Biomaterials; Molecular Neurosciences, 
  • Aging and Oxidative Stress

The following criteria are required in order to be eligible for a sponsored place:

  • Applicant must be a current postgraduate member of the Biochemical Society
  • Applicant must submit a supporting letter from their supervisor
  • Applicants must submit a report and photographs of the Congress no later than 30 days after returning
  • We encourage applicants to submit an abstract for the Congress, but it is not mandatory


Applying for an International Sponsored Place will not affect your eligibility to apply for a General Travel Grant within the same calendar year.


Last year we sponsored Louis Dwomah and Adil Sarhan to attend the 40th FEBS Congress and Young Scientist Forum in Berlin, Germany.


Louis said this of his experience at the Congress: 


'The plenary lectures delivered by Ana Pambo (Max Delbruch Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin) and Hermona Soreq (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) on epigenetic regulation and the cholinergic system respectively were very inspirational and highlighted the perseverance and dedication that scientists put into their research.'


Adil reported the following upon his return: 


'By attending such a conference, I was able to follow up on the latest research, present my work to the very large scientific community and meet well known scientists. The interaction with the research community from around the world during this event was very beneficial to me. Also, I had an opportunity to establish collaborations with scientists that attended this conference and obtained feedback in my research.'

Applications for these sponsored places closed on 1 April 2016.