A good scientific outreach event is dependant on how it engages an audience and keeps them interested and entertained. An novel activity or perfect presentation can make or break an outreach event. It is essential to choose an effective way to engage one's audience.


By adapting the information below and collaborating with other institutions, it's easy to create your own effective and sustainable outreach event. Or you can get involved with the brilliant existing scientific outreach drives already working hard across the UK.


We have also created a list of similar grant schemes which may be of use. 


Idea cards


Downloadable cards for simple practicals on which to base outreach activities.

National initiatives and volunteering


Use these links to successful existing scientific outreach initiatives across the UK as a springboard for finding audiences or getting involved.

Past outreach events

See previous scientific outreach events, from the Biochemical Society and beyond.

Links and further information


Follow these links for further activity ideas, and where to get the equipment to run them.