Improving the public awareness of science is an important goal, the target of many scientifically aware individuals, groups and organizations across the country. Many scientific outreach events have been held in the past, both by the Biochemical Society and others, with varying degrees of success. Use the links and articles below to find reports and resources from previous outreach events.


For a snapshot of past events, see our Flickr gallery.

The Darwin Project


A collaborative outreach project between the Biochemical Society and Islington Youth Theatre, blending drama and science.

Outreach grant recipient reports


Raw reports, resources and images from previous event organizers who benefited from a Biochemical Society outreach grant.

Royal Society case studies


Case studies of outreach events in primary and secondary schools with a photo gallery.

MBP2 - the Myelin Basic Protein project


This Wellcome Trust funded outreach initiative is a great example of how to introduce school students to research.

Physiological Society outreach reports


Reports on outreach events conducted by members of the Physiological Society.

Biochemistry - explaining life


Report on a biochemistry workshop for sixth form pupils organized by David J. Timpson.

Battle to Breath


An article by Ceri Harrop about her "Battle to Breath" workshop and other funded activities she has run.