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Below are some useful tips put together by our judges to help you create your outreach grant activity and complete your application



  1. Consider whether your proposed activity promotes molecular science to young people or the public in an interesting and fun way, whilst the science remains relevant.
  2. Think of ways to ensure the activity reaches as many people as possible. Try to secure the involvement of other local schools, universities or other appropriate organizations in the running of the activity.
  3. Think of ways to ensure the activity reaches "hard to reach" groups.
  4. Consider how the activity or message could be cascaded down to other people or groups, and whether there are any long term benefits or sustainability. Consideration should be given to the number of individuals who will benefit from the activity.  Ask the question “Is the event offering value for money?”
  5. Include health and safety assessments where appropriate.
  6. Does your activity demonstrate originality? The Biochemical Society is always looking to support new, exciting, hands-on methods of engaging the public.
  7. Consider the feasibility of the proposed activity and demonstrate it be completed with the funds available in a suitable timescale.
  8. Consider the level of relevance of the public outreach proposal to the biosciences, particularly the molecular biosciences.  Aim to promote practical experiences.
  9. Consider how the financial support from the Biochemical Society may be effectively recognized and communicated.
  10. Note that provision of refreshments will be judged to be very low priority unless the cost is minimal.