Grants are available for stipends of £200 per week for 6 – 8 weeks, and up to £1,600 in total, to support an undergraduate student to carry out a summer lab placement. This scheme not only benefits the student as they get valuable research experience, but the supervisor also gains an extra pair of hands in the lab.


"Thomas was involved in a number of on-going projects and he has made significant contributions to some of the background work in a number of these.  He was a pleasure to have in the lab, worked hard and I think that both he and we benefited considerably."  Alan Berry (Supervisor, University of Leeds, UK)



"I found the experience incredibly rewarding. Being able to work in a research laboratory has enthused me with a real love for science, and has definitely made me realise that I want to be a research scientist." Lewis Taylor (Student, University of Bath, UK)


Interested students must pair up with a potential supervisor, develop a project together, then apply for funding. Applicants (supervisors) must be members of the Biochemical Society working in a university or research institute, and apply for the grant on behalf of the student. 


Please note, applicants (supervisors) must be members of the Biochemical Society for at least 12 months prior to the closing date of the grants. The student does not need to be a member of the Society, but when ranking proposals preference will be given to student members. 

The 2017 Summer Vacation Studentship awardees have been announced. Find out more about the winners here.



The 2018 Summer Vacation Studentships are now open. The deadline for applications is 23 February 2018.

 For more information on the grants, or any questions, please contact



The Eisenthal prize


An annual prize awarded to the top ranked student application form. Find out more and see the previous winners.

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