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2008 studentship reports

2008 studentship reports


Read Setu Kasera's report, who worked with Simon Andrews at the University of Reading.


Read Elaine Agemang's report, who worked with Christopher Benham.


Read Leah Morris' report, who worked with Tharin Blumenschein at the University of East Anglia.


Read Laurance Berube Cooey's report, who worked with Derek Brazil at University College Dublin.


Read Rachel Steeg's report, who worked with Jeremy Brown at the University of Newcastle.


Read Timothy Newton's report, who worked with Iain Campbell at the University of Oxford.


Read Kevin Wu's report, who worked with Gareth Evans at the University of York.


Read Laura Coad's report, who worked with James LaCourse at the University of Liverpool.


Read Katherine Mark's report, who worked with John Lucceshi at Emory University in the USA.


Read Grant English's report, who worked with Patricia Martin at Glasgow Caledonian University.


Read Stephen Nottley's report, who worked with Sarah Newbury at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.


Read Katie Restall's report, who worked with Vincent O'Conner at the University of Southampton.


Read Patrick Murphy's report, who worked with Graham Pavitt at the University of Manchester.


Read Sophie Payne's report, who worked with Catherine Pears at the University of Oxford.


Read James Gowdy's report, who worked with Arwen Pearson at the University of Leeds.


Read Georgia Ward's report, who was supervised by Stephen Perkins at University College London.


Read Jennifer Wood's report, who was supervised by Dr Ehmke Pohl at Durham University.


Read Chathika Weerasuriya's report, supervised by Dr. Carole Sargent at University of Cambridge.


Read Anders Hansen's report, who was supervised by Christopher Schofield at the University of Oxford.


Read Elizabeth Oczypok's report, who was supervised by Nathaniel Szewczyk at the University of Nottingham.


Read Nadia Bouteldja's report, who was supervised by Dr David Timson at Queen's University.


Read Marta Helena Lesko's report, who was supervised by Cara Vaughan at Birkbeck college.


Read Faser Young's report, who was supervised by Heather Wallace at the University of Aberdeen.


Read Hulya Kiray's report, who worked with Katherine West at the University of Glasgow.