The students for summer 2011 are currently carrying out their funded placements, their reports will be available online from October 2011. Until then, keep up to date with them by following their blogs . . . .

Follow Lucy Crawford's blog E.Coli and all that jazz, whilst she carries out her summer project at Newcastle University with Jeremy Lakey.



Read the scientific reports by the students from 2011. (This will re-direct you to Scribd in a new window)

Alice Johnson is spending the summer working with Stefan Bagby at the University of Bath. Read her blog Science and all things geeky.

Petros Stathakos is working at the University of Aberdeen with Nimesh Mody, follow his project by reading his blog Silencing PTP1B expression.

Daniel Upton is working on his summer project with Gareth Evans at the University of York, fond out how he's getting along by following his blog entitled My summer project.

Follow Natalie Day's blog EBV and Me, where she will be guiding us through her experiences working at the University of Sussex throughout summer.

Find out how Tomasz Dobrzycki is getting on at the University of York with Sangeeta Chawla by reading his blog York summer with neurons.

Follow Kevin Granville's blog to find out how he's getting on at the University College Dublin.

Follow Jessica Goodchild whilst she is working at the University of Leicester, looking at the interaction between a histone deacetylase (HDAC) and its binding partner.

Read Jonathan Walklate's blog about his experiences working at the University of Kent on stop flow machines.

A gallery for 2011 will be available soon, for now view the 2010 gallery to see what the students got up to.

Follow Adriana Guillermo Wiesinger's blog whilst she writes about her experiences working at the University of Liverpool.