What’s on offer?


These grants are available to support research capacity building in developing parts of the world e.g. Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


The grants will support either a visitor from a developing country to a host laboratory in a non-developing country in order to learn methods. Alternatively, the grants will support a person based in a non-developing country visiting a developing country to assist with the set up of research.The Visiting Fellowship should last between two and four weeks.


How much is available?


Up to £2,000 per grant. However applications are invited for smaller amounts of funding.


What are the criteria for eligibility?


  • Either the applicant or the person hosting the visiting fellowship must have been a member of the Biochemical Society for over 12 months on the closing date of the round that they apply to.
  • The member applying for the visiting fellowship must not have received a visiting fellowship or general travel grant from the Biochemical Society within the previous two years on the closing date of the round that they apply to.
  •  There must be an element of teaching during the visiting fellowship, for example, giving research seminars. Successful applicants will show detailed plans for the dissemination of the knowledge transferred, detailing how the knowledge will be transferred beyond the fellow or host lab to improve research in the developing country. 
  • The grant is not intended to support collaborative visits.


Closing Dates


1st January
for visits anytime after
1st February
1st March
for visits anytime after
1st April
1st May
for visits anytime after
1st June
1st June
for visits anytime after
1st July
1st July
for visits anytime after
1st August
1st September
for visits anytime after
1st October
1st November
for visits anytime after
1st December











More Information


For further information please contact Rowena Mitchell, Membership Manager.

Application Guidance


Ensure that you have read the application guidance prior to starting your application for a Visiting Fellowship. This guidance is for both those applying to travel from the UK to a developing country and for those applying to travel from a developing country to the UK.