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PhD Studentships


PhD Studentship at Heriot-Watt University

The PhD student will determine the mechanisms of action of novel inhibitors of the enzyme EPAC1 and the regulation of insulin and inflammatory signalling pathways that control the development of atherosclerosis. This will lead to a better understanding of the role of EPAC1 in the development of cardiovascular disease.

Contract Type: British Heart Foundation Funded PhD Studentship

Deadline for applications: end of April 2017

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Early Stage Researcher (ESR/PhD) at University of Giessen, Germany

Early Stage Researcher (ESR/PhD) position with a 36 month contract available in the H2020 MSCA-ITN programme TRANSMIT – TRANSlating the role of Mitochondria in Tumorigenesis to be trained at the Department of Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry, University of Giessen, Germany. Research Project: Coordination of glutaminolysis and glycolysis in cancer cells.



Contract Type: 3-year contract, total gross amount for 3 years: 110.616,48 Euro living cost plus 21.600,00 Euro mobility allowance 

Deadline for applications: 1 May 2017

Location: Giessen, Germany


PhD student position at OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS GmbH

The researcher will be involved in the development, evaluation and application of new respiratory substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor-titration (SUIT) protocols designed to assess the role of mitochondrial NAD-linked malic enzyme in mitochondrial and cellular energetics of cancerous and benign cells. Moreover, ESR2 will help improving the extension of high-resolution respirometry to MultiSensor analysis enabling the simultaneously measurement of several mitochondrial functions.


Contract Type: 3-year employment contract, 2.534 EUR gross/month

Deadline for applications: 15 May 2017

Location: Innsbruck, Austria

Early Stage Researcher (ESR/PhD) at University of Cambridge


To elucidate the link between TCA cycle dysfunction, accumulation of fumarate, and downstream epigenetic changes involved in tumorigenesis. The ESR will investigate the hypothesis that fumarate controls the activity of histone and DNA demethylases involved in DNA and histone methylation, causing broad epigenetic changes. PhD Enrollment in Medical Science 



Contract Type: 3-year contract, €52,095 per annum before employer costs 

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2017

Location: Cambridge, UK

PhD Studentship at University of East Anglia

A four year fully funded PhD position is available for a highly motivated student with experience in microbial biochemistry to work on an ERC advanced grant studying the bacterial oxidation of isoprene and to characterise isoprene monooxygenase, a key enzyme in isoprene metabolism.


Contract Type: 4 year PhD studentship

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2017 

LocationNorwich, UK

PhD Studentship at Biocrates Life Sciences AG


BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG is a global leader in the dynamically-growing field of targeted metabolomics. In our Research & Development department in Innsbruck an early stage researcher (ESR) position for the development of a MS-based metabolomics method for the quantitative analysis of coenzymes in cancer cells is available.



Contract Type: 3-year contract, 39111 EUR/year including social security and taxes plus mobility allowance 7200 EUR/year

Deadline for applications: 16 June 2017

LocationInnsbruck, Austria

Early Stage Researcher (ESR/PhD) at University Hospital of the Paracelsus, Medical University, Salzburg


The majority or solid tumors shares one remarkable and fundamental feature, which is a switch from oxidative phosphorylation to glycolysis (Warburg effect). The studies will evaluate if successful targeting of tumor metabolism by dietary intervention (e.g. ketogenic diet) depends on the specific metabolic signature of the tumor. 


Contract type: 3-year contract at 39.100 euro/year plus 600 euro/month of mobility allowance 

Deadline for applications: 15 May 2017

Location: Salzburg, Austria

Early Stage Researcher (PhD) at AvantiCell Science Ltd 

The TRANSMIT network encompasses training-by-research, participation to scientific events, and intersectoral networking exchange. ACS project objectives include creation of a panel of cell-based, three dimensional, in vitro models displaying the metabolic aberrations of human cancers and characterization of suitable readouts which will be used to identify targets for therapeutic intervention. 



Contract Type: temporary, €52,095 per annum

Deadline for applications: 31 May 2017

Location: Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland, UK

PhD Studentships at Newcastle University

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research invites applications from highly qualified and motivated students for PhD training. Incoming students will be engaged in research projects that will integrate across the groups within the Wellcome Trust Centre, offering a vibrant multidisciplinary training environment. 



Contract Type: 3 year PhD studentship

Deadline for applications: applications accepted until all positions are filled

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Early Stage Researcher (ESR/PhD) at University of Bologna

Enrolment in a PhD program in molecular oncology, aiming at exploiting molecular genetics and biology techniques to generate and characterize cancer cell models targeted for metabolic and tumor suppressor proteins, and test them for modifications in their tumorigenic potential, both in vitro and in nude mice models.

Contract Type:3-year contract, € 3,318.37 per month + € 600 per month of mobility allowance + €500 per month of family allowance (if applicable)


Deadline for applications: 18 June 2017


Location: Bologna, Italy


Early Stage Researcher (ESR/PhD) at University of Bologna


Enrolment in a PhD program in cellular and molecular biology, aiming at exploiting biochemical, molecular and biology techniques. Moving from the interplay between respiratory complex I and HIF1a, ESR will investigate how the unbalance of αKG/SA ratio mimics a normoxic condition causing HIF1α destabilization, thus preventing hypoxic and metabolic adaptation. 



Contract Type: 3-year contract, € 3,318.37 per month + € 600 per month of mobility allowance + €500 per month of family allowance (if applicable)


Deadline for applications: 18 June 2017


Location: Bologna, Italy


Research Assistant enrolled in a 3-year PhD program at Karolinska Institutet

In a research lab, examine mitochondrial involvement and function in cancer-related samples. Tasks include designing analyses, handling clinical samples, cell-based assays, also interactions with clinicians, companies etc, and are monitored by supervisor(s). Accurate lab work and communication skills required. The program includes secondments within the TRANSMIT network.

Contract Type: 3-year contract, SEK 25,800/month + €600/month (converted to SEK at payment)


Deadline for applications: 30 June 2017


Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Early Stage Researcher (ESR/PhD) at University of Bordeaux


The PhD trainee will study the molecular determinants of lung tumors metabolic reprograming, with a particular emphasis of oxidative tumors. Cell and mouse models of human adenocarcinoma available in the laboratory will be used to verify the role of specific signaling pathways and environmental triggers identified in the preliminary study. 



Contract Type: 3-year contract, net monthly salary of 3253 euros + 416 euros net of family allowance (if applicable)


Deadline for applications: 31 July 2017


Location: Bordeaux, France


PhD position in cancer research at University of Louvain 


A PhD position to conduct experimental research in the field of tumor metabolism. The PhD student will lead his/her own research program under the direction of Prof. Pierre Sonveaux and the direct supervision of a post-doc, with the assistance of a lab technician.




Contract Type: 3-year contract, 23.000 EUR per annum + a mobility allowance of 7,200 Euro per annum


Deadline for applications: 30 June 2017


Location: Brussels, Belgium


PhD studentship in Biochemistry at University of Bath


A 3-year PhD position fully funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK is available starting October 2017 in the Ubiquitin and Cell Signalling laboratory of Dr Julien Licchesi in collaboration with Dr Robert Williams an expert in molecular mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s Disease, at the University of Bath. 




Contract Type:3-year contract, £16,000 p.a.


Deadline for applications: 19 May 2017, or until position is filled


Location: Bath, UK



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