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Ph.D. Assistantship – Bioengineering

A Ph.D. assistantship position is available under the advisement of Drs. Wei Xu and Jian Sheng in the direction of Bioengineering focusing on interdisciplinary studies of complex interactions between cell/organism and their various environmental factors including mechanical and chemical cues. The successful applicant will be working on the development of Microfluidic and MEMS devices and biological models to facilitate novel non-intrusive cancer diagnosis.

 The candidate will also be involved in the study of environmental microbial biofilms.  Both projects require knowledge in molecular and cell biology as well as in fundamental engineering.  The biological models involved in the projects include zebrafish, human cells, and microbial organisms. The candidate will also accept the training in nano-material development and manufacturing.  The Student will obtain a Ph.D. degree through the TAMU-CC’s Coastal and Marine System Science program. The expected starting date is 1/14/2019.

Contract Type: Full time

Deadline for applications – Applications will be considered until a candidate is selected

Location: Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi, TX


PHD Project in White Rose BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership in Mechanistic Biology 

Structure and function of specialised ribosomes in the Drosophila melanogaster brain and testis

Contract Type: 4 years, full- time

Deadline for applications: 7 January 2019

Location: Leeds



PhD Studentships at Northeastern University


We are looking for PhD students and postdocs who enjoy working on fundamental and quantitative problems in biology, surrounded by an interdisciplinary group of people including biologists, physicists, and engineers. Click on the following links for information on the laboratory research focus, recent publications and NIH Director's Award



Contract Type: 20 hours contract, $31,000 p.a.


Deadline for applications: January 2019


Location: Boston, USA

5 PhD Scholarships - Adaptive Radiotherapy: Engineering the radiobiological tumour for improved radiation response


The University of Hull is offering 5 full-time UK/EU/International PhD Scholarships for the Adaptive Radiotherapy research cluster. The multidisciplinary projects focus in cancer biology, radio-sensitisation, imaging, computational modelling, and radiology plan modelling. Students will be embedded in an active, dynamic, research environment. For more details, please see the link below.

Contract Type: Full time

Deadline for applications:January 23, 2019


Location:University of Hull


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