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TALKFEST - Science blogging

TALKFEST - Science blogging

Thursday 15 July 2010
18:00 - 20:30
Charles Darwin House, London


This Talkfest-branded event focused on science blogging in the UK. An array of panelists discussed modern trends in a format that provided the template for turning Talkfest into a regular series.



During registration we asked people for the names of their favourite science and non-science blogs. This list is available here.


For more background on the idea behind the event, see here.



Petra Boynton
Petra Boynton

Petra Boynton is lecturer in International Health Services Research and Agony Aunt:

Petra's blog

Petra's Twitter feed

Jon Butterworth
Jon Butterworth

Jon Butterworth is Professor of Physics at UCL:
Jon's blog
Jon's Twitter feed

Andy Lewis
Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis created The Quackometer -  a debunking quack medicine on the web:

Andy's blog

Andy's Twitter feed

Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson

Mark is Science Editor of The Times and author of 50 Genetics Ideas You Really Need To Know:

Mark's Twitter feed

Alok Jha
Alok Jha

Alok Jha is a science and environment correspondent at the Guardian, specialising in green technologies:

Alok's blog

Alok's Twitter feed

Ed Yong
Ed Yong

Ed Yong writes the Not Exactly Rocket Science blog:

Ed's blog

Ed's Twitter feed