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Future Events > Coenzyme A and its Derivatives in Cellular Metabolism and Disease

Coenzyme A and its Derivatives in Cellular Metabolism and Disease

20—21 March 2014

Charles Darwin House, London, UK

A Biochemical Society Focused Meeting


Meeting Background

Join us in London in March 2014 for an exciting, topical and long-overdue conference on “Coenzyme A and its derivatives in cellular metabolism and disease”. CoA is an indispensable cofactor in all living organisms and the Nobel Prize was awarded to Fritz Lipmann in 1953 for its discovery. CoA and its thioesters (Acetyl-CoA, Malonyl-CoA, Acyl-CoA, HMG-CoA and others) are essential for a diverse range of metabolic pathways, the regulation of gene expression, growth and proliferation.


Dysregulation of CoA biosynthesis or CoA thioester  homeostasis is linked to various human pathologies.  Therefore the CoA biosynthetic pathway is an attractive target for drug discovery.  The purpose of this Focused Meeting is to bring together researchers worldwide to discuss the most recent advances on the role of CoA and its thioesters in health and diseases. We have assembled a program that includes leading international researchers in the field.



  • Metabolic functions of CoA and its thioesters
  • The role of CoA and CoA derivatives in the regulation of cell growth and proliferation
  • Deregulation of CoA biosynthesis and disruption of homeostasis in human pathologies
  • Targeting the CoA biosynthetic pathway for drug discovery

The winner of the Biochemical Society Oral Communication prize was awarded to:

Roberta Leonardi - Deletion of Pank1 in obese diabetic mice reduces glucose and insulin levels by modifying whole-body fuel metabolism 


The winner of the Retrophin poster prize was awarded to:

Marianne de VillersStudies on the mode of action of the pantothenamide antibacterials reveals the importance of pantothenate kinase variation 



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