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Future Events > Structural glycobiology and human health

Structural glycobiology and human health

30—31 March 2010

Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

A Biochemical Society Focused Meeting


Abstract submission deadline: 9 February 2010

Online abstract submission is now closed. If you wish to submit an abstract please contact the Conference Office. Late abstracts will not appear in the programme book.
Earlybird registration deadline: 1 March 2010
Registration is now closed. If you would like to attend the conference please contact the Conference Office.

Proceedings (invited speakers) will be published in Biochemical Society Transactions

Oral communication slots are available at this meeting. All attendees, particularly researchers in the early stages of their career, are invited to submit a poster abstract for consideration as an oral communication.
Student Travel Grants are available for this meeting.

Meeting Background:
Combining the subject of structural glycobiology with a focus on development and disease, gives a theme that will make for a varied and interesting programme. Speakers will include several young scientists who are already making a mark in their field, as well as some well-established names. The meeting will be structured to make time for participants to meet and talk to each other, and will provide opportunities for networking, setting up and maintaining collaborations. It is anticipated the modest fees will also encourage attendance by students and post-doctoral fellows.

Glycoarrays, and the specific subject of protein binding to immobilized glycans, is a current focus of active research involving several individual strategies in terms of chemistries and choice of glycan ligand. This new technology shows considerable promise to investigate the biological significance of glycan sequences. Such information has proved to be difficult to screen in the past and demands a high-throughput solution. Glycoarrays offer a flexible opportunity in this area. A half-day workshop will explore this field. 


Synthetic chemistry in biology
Functional application of glycan ligands in biological processes
Glycan screening in biological fluids
Mechanisms of infection in malaria
Glycobiology of viral infection