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Future Events > Exploring kinomes: pseudokinases and beyond

Exploring kinomes: pseudokinases and beyond

24—26 March 2013

Robinson College, Cambridge, UK


A joint FEBS / Biochemical Society Focused Meeting



Meeting background


The UK Met Office has issued a Weather warning, however this event will go ahead as planned. Delegates are advised to make travel plans well in advance to minimize delays and to check with local transport operators for possible cancellations or disruptions  your journey. All delegates are also advised to take out appropriate insurance cover as the Biochemical Society cannot provide any refunds if delegates are unable to attend the conference due to severe weather conditions.


Protein kinases have long been known to be pivotal regulators of intracellular signal transduction in all eukaryotic cells. However, variant kinase-like domains, which lack motifs thought to be essential for nucleotide binding and/or phosphoryl transfer activity in catalytically active kinase domains, remain much less well understood despite their prevalence in cellular life. These domains, loosely termed pseudokinase domains, were once thought to be cellular spectators with no signalling function. In marked contrast, it has emerged that these diverse domains play crucial roles in modulating signal transduction in bacteria, plants, Toxoplasma parasitic invasion, and in vertebrates.




  • Pseudokinases: definition and experimental     challenges
  • Structural, biochemical and chemical biology approaches to studying the kinome/pseudokinome
  • Unusual and atypical protein kinases
  • Pseudokinases in human disease
  • Non-mammalian pseudokinases
  • Pseudokinases as drug targets
  • Histidine kinases and protein kinase evolution
  • Hot topics in pseudokinase research



Reviews by the speakers, based on their presentations at this major international meeting, will be published exclusively in Biochemical Society Transactions (Volume 41, part 4).


Abstract deadline: EXTENDED 29 January 2013.


Abstract submission is now closed. If you would like to submit an abstract for this conference please contact the Conference Office



Earlybird registration deadline: 25 February 2013.

Registration is now closed.



A Biochemical Journal Poster Prize was awarded to:


Fiona Bailey (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom) for the poster entitled:


"Preliminary analysis of the human pseudokinase NOK"


and to Fiona Mary Lohan (Paul O’Gorman Institute, United Kingdom) for the poster entitled:


"Mechanism of TRIB2 mediated degradation of C/EBP-α in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia"