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Biochemical Society Conference Proposals


The Society offers support to a wide range of national and international events; these include residential research conferences, workshops, independently organized conferences, single lectures and small events.

Full secretariat services are provided free of charge for Focused Meetings, Harden Conferences, Workshops, Training Days and Hot Topic Events. 

Proposals are welcomed from any member of the scientific community, however please note that at least one person of the Organizing Committee should be a member of the Biochemical Society. 


This is what our scientific organizers have to say:

“From start of the process to the conference end, your help was invaluable. It made our job so much easier. We have had nothing but positive feedback from speakers and attendees” (Focused Meeting 'Protein engineering: new approaches and applications', April 2013). 


“I am also so happy that you have helped me extremely much and you were really fantastic.” (Focused meeting 'Bioenergetics in mitochondria, bacteria and chloroplasts', April 2013).


"I must stress that we received outstanding support from the Biochemical Society. I found this the most relaxing meeting I have ever been involved in organizing!" (74th Harden Conference 'Helicases and Nucleic Acid Translocases', August 2013) 


Submit your proposal


Conference proposals are welcomed for scheduling throughout the year to complement the Society's vibrant conferences programme.


Deadlines for submission of conference proposals.


Next proposal deadline: 31st October 2016. Proposals submitted by this date will be considered at the Meetings Board in December 2016.


Meeting formats

  Duration (days) Secretariat Services Financial Support Proceedings published? Promotional Assistance
Focused Meetings 2 - 3
Workshops 1 n/a
Training Events 1+ n/a
Young Life Scientists’ Symposia 1 n/a n/a
Harden Conferences 3 - 4 n/a
Hot Topic Events 1 n/a
Independent Meetings 1+ n/a £500 n/a n/a
Sponsored Events 1 n/a Up to £500  n/a n/a