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The Jubilee Lecture

Jubilee Lecture medalThe Jubilee Lecture was established to commemorate the Society's 50th anniversary in 1961. It was awarded to a biochemist of distinction from any part of the world and the awardee was asked to lecture on their chosen field of research. The award was changed to the Centenary Award, first awarded in 2011 to celebrate the Society's 100th anniversary.

The Jubilee Lecture was awarded every 2 years and the lecturer received the Harden Medal (which was first awarded in 1971) and an honorarium of £2000. 


The Jubilee Lecture was published in Biochemical Society Transactions.  

Past recipients

Location where the lecture was delivered is given in parentheses.

2009: Joan Steitz (Edinburgh)
2007: Anthony Pawson (Glasgow)  
2005: Richard Jackson (Glasgow)  
2003: Erkki Ruoslahti (Manchester) 
2001: Sara Courtneidge (Bristol) 
1999: Vincent Massey (London) 
1997: J. Rothman (Bath)
1995: D. Chapman (Dublin)
1993: Alan R. Fersht (London)
1991: P. Reichard (London)
1989: S.A. Kornfeld (London)
1987: M.Z. Atassi DSc (Cardiff and London)
1985: Aaron Klug FRS (London)  
1983: H.G. Hers (Dundee)
1980: S.J. Singer (London)
1978: C. de Duve (Keele and London)
1976: A. Kornberg (London and Edinburgh)
1974: J.H. Quastel, CC, FRS (London and Belfast)
1972: C.B. Anfinsen (Oxford and London)
1970: A.L. Lehninger (Cardiff and London)
1968: H.G. Khorana (London and Glasgow)
1966: F. Lynen (London and Liverpool)
1964: E. Lederer (London and Leeds)
1962: P.C. Zamecnik (London and Glasgow)