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The Biochemical Society provides an extensive range of events, including scientific conferences, outreach activities, medal lectures and policy and education events.  


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Future Events

81st Harden Conference: RNA and Disease

4 - 7 September 2016

Norton Park Hotel, Winchester, UK

Advanced Data Collection for High Resolution cryoEM

6 September 2016

Diamond National EM Facility (eBIC)

7th European Conference on Tetraspanins

7—9 September 2016

University of Sheffield, UK

Pseudoenzymes 2016: from Signalling Mechanisms to Disease

11—14 September 2016

Liverpool Maritime Museum, UK

Protein S-palmitoylation: from Mechanism to Application

21—23 September 2016

St Hilda's College, Oxford, UK

Beyond CpG Methylation: New Modifications in Eukaryotic DNA

23 September 2016

Charles Darwin House, London, UK

Ribosome Profiling Workshop

27 October 2016

Charles Darwin House, London, UK

Advanced Imaging with Light Microscopy: Capturing Tissues to Single Molecules

28 October 2016

Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London, UK

Inflammatory diseases - mechanisms and clinical perspectives

3—4 November 2016

Maynooth University, Ireland

Taming Plant Viruses - Fundamental Biology to Bionanotechnology

8—10 November 2016

Atholl Palace Hotel, Pitlochry, UK

De-Mystifying X-ray Data Processing in Macromolecular Crystallography

14—15 November 2016

Charles Darwin House, London, UK

Synthetic Biology UK 2016

14—16 November 2016

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, UK

GlaxoSmithKline Award Lecture

17 November 2016

Charles Darwin House, London, UK

9th UK GAP Junction Meeting

12 December 2016

University of Warwick, UK