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The Theme Panels and Research Areas are crucial to the success of the Society’s ability to advance molecular science through its meetings. Members represent the breadth of the research community and play a vital role in all aspects of the Society’s activities.


Each Research Area meets 4 times per year (twice in person, twice virtually), and has 6-10 members, including a Chair, Vice-Chair and at least one industry and ECR member. Members are drawn from the life sciences community, mainly (but not exclusively) in the UK and Ireland.


It is the role of the Panels and Research Areas to:


  • instigate, encourage or commission the different types of meetings that make up the Society’s varied event programme throughout each year.
  • play an important role in the identification of potential Award winners.
  • identify gaps in the coverage of science both on the committees and within the meetings programme.
  • provide an opportunity to develop interdisciplinary activities and to collaborate with a number of Sister Societies.  


If you would like to join a Theme Panel or Research Area, please use the nomination form below.



Nomination Form for Theme Panel / Research Area Membership


If you are nominating someone else (with their agreement) please complete the following section before submitting your nominee's details:

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