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The Biochemical Society provides an extensive range of events, including scientific conferences, training events, outreach activities, medal lectures, and policy and education events.  This programme provides an excellent opportunity to magnify your research by submitting an abstract for an oral communication or poster presentation, and sharing your work with the wider molecular biosciences community.


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Future Events > Quantitative Proteomics and Data Analysis

Quantitative Proteomics and Data Analysis

4—5 April 2016

Queen Hotel, Chester, UK

Biochemical Society Training Days


Biochemical Society Training Days are designed to address a specific scientific training need within the bioscience community, aimed at PhD level and beyond. These events aim to create a platform for participants to gain hands-on experience, and an opportunity to ask questions and discuss problems with experts in the field.

Discovery proteomics is now relatively straightforward, but the identification of a protein in a complex sample is immediately followed by quantitative questions – how much, how much does the abundance change?


However, there is a rather bewildering choice of approaches to quantitative proteomics. First, the discrimination between absolute and relative quantification, second, the choice of labelling or label-free, third, the selection of appropriate label, fourth the choice between metabolic and chemical labelling and finally, the selection of the most appropriate software for data analysis, the use of appropriate multivariate statistical methods and the importance of adherence to data standards in deposition and reporting of quantitative data.


This training day will meet two needs:


1.  It will continue the format of the previous two Training Days, and will use a mixture of lectures and small group teaching to achieve a high level of awareness of the issues and problems inherent in quantitative proteomics.


2.  It will precede the third iteration of a highly successful meeting on Quantitative Proteomics (ProteoMMX 4.0). This ensures that newcomers to the field are steeped in the jargon, and indeed, the complexity, of quantitative proteomics before they take part in a highly detailed but relaxed and friendly conference on this specific topic.

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Approved by the Royal Society of Biology for the purpose of CPD, this event may be counted as 36 CPD credits.


This course was supported in part by the Developmental Drosophila Interactome Project, funded by BBSRC.

This training course is followed by the ProteoMMX4 meeting.