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Future Events > Capture Hi-C: Practical approaches to mapping genome-wide regulatory interactions

Capture Hi-C: Practical approaches to mapping genome-wide regulatory interactions

13 December 2017

Garrod building, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK

Biochemical Society Training Events


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Earlybird registration deadline: 13 November

Chromosome Conformation Capture techniques are a powerful set of tools designed to interrogate the numerous structure-function relationships of the genome. In particular, the development of Hi-C has provided invaluable insights into the chromosome structure. The addition of ‘capture’ steps, to enrich Hi-C libraries for biologically meaningful genomic contacts, readily provides further levels of information, including the identities of long-range regulatory contacts that regulate genes.

This one-day training event is targeted at researchers aiming to set up genomic interaction methodologies in their research. The event will cover both the experimental design and execution of high-quality library production and downstream bioinformatics processing and analyses. The course will begin with an overview of the field, plus the advantages and drawbacks of methods at our disposal. We will provide advice on experimental setup, a working protocol, plus practical tips and suggestions to generate high quality NGS libraries. In the second part, attendees will obtain demonstration and hands-on experience, using different bioinformatics tools to process and filter datasets, and extract meaningful interactions information. 

Please note this training event does not include wet laboratory hands-on sessions. 


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