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Future Events > Advanced Data Collection for High Resolution cryoEM

Advanced Data Collection for High Resolution cryoEM: How to make the most of your National Facility Visit

6 September 2016

Diamond National EM Facility (eBIC)

Biochemical Society Training Days

Registration is now closed.


CryoEM data can now yield structures of proteins and complexes at resolutions below 4 Angstroms from analysis of images of single molecules, thus opening up the possibility to obtain atomic resolution structural data for samples which are unsuitable for X-ray crystallography. The instrumentation required for high resolution cryoEM includes highly specialized electron microscopes which employ automated data acquisition procedures and a new generation of direct electron detectors for imaging.

This has created a need for focused training in sample preparation and data collection in order to enable those carrying out high resolution cryoEM projects to maximize the quality and amount of data they collect and make the best possible use of the instrument time available.
We have teamed up with CCP-EM and the eBIC imaging facility to create a 1 day training course designed to meet this need. This course is targeted to structural biologists who are users and potential users of high resolution cryoEM instrumentation provided by remote facilities such as Diamond.
The workshop will comprise 6 seminars, morning coffee, buffet lunch, and wine/cheese reception for networking. Those wishing to attend should complete the application form, explaining how the course will benefit their research.
By the end of the course you will have:


• Awareness of the setup at eBIC, what it can provide and what is expected of users

• A good appreciation of the issues surrounding sample preparation for high resolution

• A working knowledge of high high resolution EM data collection is achieved

• Awareness of how to maximize the quality and amount of data collected during national facility awarded sessions

• Appreciation of the requirements and challenges of processing and storage of data gathered during sessions.



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