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EMBO Conference - Helicases and nucleic acid-based machines: Structure, mechanism and regulation and roles in human disease: Sponsored by Harden Conferences

23—28 July 2017

Kloster Banz Conference Centre, nr Bamberg, Germany

Please note the programme commences with dinner on Sunday 23 July and closes with breakfast on Friday 28 July.

Dagmar Klostermeier (University of Muenster, Germany)
Ralf Seidel (Universität Leipzig, Germany)
Brandt Eichman (Vanderbilt University, USA)
Caroline Kisker (University of Wuerzburg, Germany)
Dale Wigley (Imperial College London, UK)
Elizabeth Tran (Purdue University, USA)
Herve Le Hir (École normale Supérieure, FR)
James Keck (University of Wisconsin, USA)
Jon Staley (University of Chicago, USA)
Karl-Peter Hopfner (LMU Munich, Germany)
Karsten Weis (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Katrin Karbstein (Scripps Florida, USA)
Katrin Päschke (University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands)
Kevin Raney (University of Arkansas, USA)
Maria Spies (University of Iowa, USA)
Mark Dillingham (University of Bristol, UK)
Mark Szczelkun (University of Bristol, UK)
Markus Bohnsack (University of Goettingen, Germany)
Rick Russell (University of Texas, USA)
Robert Brosh (NIH, USA)
Stephen Kowalczykowski (UC Davis, USA)
Thi Hoang Duong Nguyen (UC Berkeley, U.S.A.)
Tom Owen Hughes (University of Dundee, UK)
Keynote speaker: How one chromosome makes two; the role of an SMC molecular machine
David Sherratt (Oxford, UK)
Taekjip Ha (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Session 1: RNA helicase function and regulation
Biochemical and Biological Function of the DEAD-box RNA Helicase Ded1p
Eckhard Jankowsky (Case Western University, USA)
Kinetic studies of DEAH helicases and their cofactors in single molecule assay
Selected oral communication: Saurabh Raj
Interplay of translation initiation factors eIF4A, eIF4B and eIF4G: a single-molecule study
Selected Oral Communication - Alexandra Andreou
Activation of RIG-I by hairpin RNA
Selected Oral Communication - Neelam Shah
Long-distance regulation of the spliceosomal Brr2 RNA helicase
Markus Wahl (Free University Berlin, Germany)
Anna Pyle (Yale, USA)
MechanisticStudies of theInnateImmuneReceptor RIG-I Helicase
Smita Patel (Rutgers University, USA)
Session 2: Helicase structure and mechanism
Large Conformational Changes upon UvrD Dimerization and Helicase Activation
Tim Lohman (Washington University, USA)
Pif1-catalyzed unfolding of G-quadruplex DNA
Selected Oral Communication - Alicia Byrd
Irc3 is a novel branch migration enzyme in S.cerevisiae mitochondria
Selected Oral Communication - Ilja Gaidutsik
Targeting eIF4a with small molecules
Selected Oral Communication - Laurence Arnold
A winged helix domain confers specificity to the Escherichia coli PriA-DNA fork interaction
Selected Oral Communication - Tricia Windgassen
Taekjip Ha (Johns Hopkins University, USA)