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Biochemical Basis of Respiratory Disease: from Cells to Systems

8-10 January 2018

Nottingham Conference Centre

Colin Bingle (The University of Sheffield Medical School, United Kingdom)
Session 1: The normal Lung
Lung stem cells and development
Emma Rawlins (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Selected Oral Communication
The biophysics of airway mucus in health and disease
Brian Button (University of North Carolina, U.S.A.)
Selected Oral Communication
Inflammatory cell homeostasis in the lung
Moira Whyte (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Session 2: In vitro approaches
New target identification using human airway organoids
Henry Danahay (Enterprise Therapeutics, United Kingdom)
3R approaches/Lung on a chip
Donna Davies (Southampton University, United Kingdom)
Session 3: The Biology of Lung Disease
IL-33 regulates its alarmin function by sensing tissue damage
Ian Scott (MedImmune, United Kingdom)
Towards a Cellular and Molecular Atlas of Lung Regeneration and Fibrosis
Herbert Schiller (Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany)
The Role of PI3K delta in airway inflammation and infection
Alison Condliffe (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Non-coding RNAs in cystic fibrosis
Catherine Greene (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland)
Pulmonary target identification and validation
Richard Marshall (GSK, United Kingdom)
Session 4: Genome wide approaches
Understanding the genetic basis of lung function: does it matter?
Ian Hall (University of Nottingham)
Genome wide gene editing-identification of influenza restriction factors
Ken Baillie (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
LungGENS/LGEA portal
Yan Xu (Cincinnati, USA)